Southern Girl, Liberal Heart

( Found on a friends FB Page, I dont know who wrote it, but wish I had.done)

For two dozen years I’ve tried to figure out the difference between my conservative friends and my progressive friends.

Ideologically, I don’t identify with my conservative friends.

If I’m being honest, I don’t buy into the Jesus myth, so I’m not one to put someone in my thoughts and prayers, however, of those who are truly devout, and live the life of a Christian, I like them.

I also am bound to like those I grew up with who bleed RED in their political beliefs, even though I’ve learned to like them less and less. Still, I had a hard time truly pinning down what it was that made them characters I found distasteful, and many have shown themselves to be despicable over the last three years. And I hate that I feel that way, I really want to like them, and I would give them the shirt off my back if they needed it.

Then this pandemic hit, and the difference became abundantly clear with the aid of the most repugnant human on the planet.

A republican and a democrat both love their country, but they love it for vastly different reasons. Sadly, if you line up on one side, you have a hard time seeing the other side as love.

Because the left is global, their tribe is more diversified.

Because the right is nationalistic, their tribe is love-it-or-leave-it white America.

I truly do not believe that the right is defined by Christians anymore. The biggest reason why Christians took the right in the first place was over abortion, and it is the divide that will forever keep fervent bible thumpers from ever accepting a left platform, even though I believe they understand that the left is far more generous and giving on every other issue.

The right is made up of Americans who look around and are stunned by how different Americans look now. There are people who speak languages from lands they’ve never heard of, by people who call themselves Americans. They play sports like soccer—about as un-American as they come. They can barely speak English but they get the best grades in American schools.

Girls are winning beauty contests that aren’t blonde, and there was even one who wore a Hijab. This America seems to have left them behind. That has to be a pretty sad feeling. It’s like when you move out of your house that you’ve had for 40 years, and someone else moves in and changes the landscape. It makes you sad to go back and see how different it looks.

But all of that didn’t really go into the differences that puzzled me. I know that globalism and nationalism are things that are a part of us by way of education and experience. I was more puzzled by a difference I couldn’t put my finger on—until we went into quarantine. We went into quarantine because PEOPLE were going to die. We needed to stem the tide, prevent a million deaths. We had the opportunity to see the rest of the world ahead of us, and thankfully democratic leaders shut their states down, and the republican leaders reluctantly followed suit.

But it was in their supposition, that the difference that has always puzzled me has become clear. The love of money is the root of all evil. What I discovered is that the right, and only the right, has rationalized that ECONOMY is more important than LIFE.

I have heard it over and over, from republican talking heads, that a failed economy is worse than 50,000 thousand deaths.

Folks, a failed economy isn’t worse than ONE death, if that death is YOU.
A Failed economy isn’t worse than ONE death, if that death is your child.
A failed economy isn’t worse than ONE death, if that death is a stranger.

THEREIN lies our differences. A person who answers that question, and that question alone, can be identified on which aisle they sit.

Economies can be rebuilt, a death cannot.

Economies ebb and flow, and often times bull markets become bear markets when production exceeds need, and the last quarter, before the pandemic, we started to see the economy slow, we saw the indicator that economists fear, a production/need flip.

This (convenient?) shut down came ahead of that becoming a realization, and there is a chance, when the wheels start churning again, that we might have stayed the execution of a depression, because we will have a lot of NEED when this is over.

However, it won’t be over until it is over. Don’t rush. Let human ingenuity figure out how to survive and THRIVE while we wait that virus out. No life is worth starting too soon, and the truth is, if we start too soon, and another outbreak hits us, which it may, just as it was in 1918, the outcome may be worse the second time round

“Be content with what you have;

rejoice in the way things are.

When you realize there is nothing lacking,

the whole world belongs to you.”

Lao Tzu

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