Southern Girl, Liberal Heart

The Angry Staff Officer

December 24, 1863

Somewhere south of the North Pole

My Dearest Hannah,

This latest march has been our longest yet. We left northern Virginia in September, marches of 20 or 30 miles, worse than Gettysburg. I’m sure you have heard that we have been betrayed by the Northern Spheres – how our brave Lincoln calmly heard the news of the loss of our fleet without shedding a tear, but those who were there said his stance seemed firmer and his gaze more iron, when he said, “The better angels of our nature must yield to the necessities of our countrymen – these losses shall not be borne. We shall avenge their memory, and in doing so, spread the blessings of freedom to a whole new people. All men are born free, no matter their stature. You shall carry the thoughts of a grateful nation and the hopes of all freemen.”…

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