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Yet another rant

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I know that I rant a lot on political stuff, animal stuff, confederate stuff and the pain, harm and immorality that hurts people because that really is my passion. I love to write, I think it is therapeutic in ways conversation never will be and I think that hearing what people have to say on any topic is fascinating even when I am deeply offended over their stance. When people show me who they are…I believe them.

I know that many people are counting on Robert Mueller and his “special investigation” to give them solid “evidence” of some wrong-doing, illegality, malfeasance or possibly even collusion against Donald Trump, but I am here to tell you that really does not matter. It certainly won’t to his supporters. In this country being indicted or not never really solves anything.

The Clinton’s have been hounded and investigated for decades with never any indictment, even the impeachment did not work. But it did not matter, the right still hates them and slaps them up as ‘Exhibit A’ in any conversation about corruption because in the case of the Clinton’s, it does not matter that they were not indicted; they are still guilty, case closed. And it will not matter if Trump is ever indicted either, he is still innocent. Folks, you cannot work with that kind of blockage and there is no need to try.

For me, the greatest wrong (among so many) that Trump has committed, willfully, gleefully, with malevolent enjoyment is to add to the division in this nation. THAT should be a crime.

How wrong is it for a president to rally and viciously malign the press, the opposition party, our allies, and our citizens just for the sin of not agreeing with them? If Obama had done one-tenth of the insults, cruel tweets, mocking, and outright lies that Trump does regularly, the folks on the right would have had their AR-15’s locked and loaded and we all know it.

I saw one of those yellow snake plates that said “SAY WEN” recently and they mean it. There are Americans ready to attack, shoot and force other Americans to shut up and sit down. Whatever else Trump has done wrong, criminal, corruptly or with malice, it all pales next to how he has purposely divided this nation without so much as a scintilla of effort trying to calm, unify, compromise or respect all Americans. That is immoral in my book and nothing can change it. The man is evil. And people who support that deserve no respect at all.

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